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Stefanie Joseph, Soul Aligned ServicesHi, I’m Stefanie Joseph! I created Soul Aligned Services to bring heart-based entrepreneur’s visions to life through actionable plans. I see myself as your business sidekick, the necessary sounding board and implementation expert to allow you the space to focus on what you do best. Your personal genius. 

Stop feeling constricted and overworked by focusing so much on the details of your work that are outside of your genius zone. Let Soul Aligned Services put those pieces in place for you. 

You are the brand of your business; you are the expert. We simply walk beside you, unveiling or expanding your vision. Think of the dynamic duo of Sherlock Holmes and Watson. Sherlock is the vision, Watson guides the investigation. As your Watson, I bring corporate experience, intuition, alternative tools such as Human Design, Gene Keys, and meditation/visualization, assisting you in staying focused and aligned in your unique vision.

Click to learn more about potential services provided by Stefanie and her team. Click here to learn about the various services we offer to help you step into your genius and create magic with your business. If this resonates with you,  click the button below to schedule a complimentary consultation to talk about working together to create more alignment and ease in your business and your clients’ experiences.

Customized Packages Available

You are the face to your brand; the genius behind your vision. Sometimes, however, when a person becomes too close or passionate about their vision it can be difficult to see the forest from the trees. That’s where we come in.

Soul Aligned Services works closely with  you in bringing your vision to life. Whether you have a new program,  idea, or segment in your business, or a desire to pivot your business completely, we are your sidekick and  sounding board during the creation phase. We are invested in the details and the plan so you can stay focused on your vision.

Let’s be honest; a lot of entrepreneurs with amazing ideas fly by the seat of their pants because passion or connecting all of the dots behind the scene ends up taking up a lot of time. When you’re emerging with your vision, however, the last thing you need is to be taken away from your genius gift. 

I bring 20 years of project and program management experience to the table to remove the unnecessary noise in your world. I understand that most heart-based entrepreneurs don’t have the energetic bandwidth to worry about the operational pieces of their business (you know — the boring stuff like processes and system integration). The more time you can focus on what lights you up, the more prosperous your business will be.

You are the brand of your business. You have a core genius that no one else offers the world and it’s time to be seen. However, as a heart-centered entrepreneur you may not feel aligned branding come in.

I use the powerful tools of Human Design and Gene Keys to assist you in creating a true soul aligned branding strategy. I will work with you in understanding and shifting your marketing message to be in alignment with your design.Your branding should be just as unique as you are! Speak to your dream clients through your energetic and emotional field, rather than through typical marketing trends feel disconnected and disingenuous.

Do you have a vision of a new program or course but not sure where to start in creating it and making it visible to the world? I will work with you in bringing your vision to life.

Course implementation packages: 

  • Program implementation: Working closely with you and your team to develop project  timelines, tasks, benchmarks, and schedules. Let’s make this happen! 
  • Mastermind: an all-done-for you approach where I will go deep with you to bring your full vision to life and do the work behind the scenes to make your dream a reality.

Do you have the vision but need assistance in keeping you on track? I understand that time is money and will support you in creating a details plan for any project you have in mind. My corporate experience includes juggling multiple projects with multiple stake-holders in mind, all while staying on-time and on-budget. I will work with you and your team to stay focused, on track, and on budget. 

Is everyone on your team working together optimally? Allow me to utilize my intuitive gifts along with my Gene Key knowledge to ensure that your team is working together from their strengths. Ensure everyone is doing the tasks they are designed to do and improve communication amongst the team. 

You will be amazed at how much more productive and energetic your team is when they are all in their zone of genius.

Are you spending way too much time manually supporting and onboarding your clients? Want to free up your time to get back to doing what you love in your business? I know you could probably figure it out but why keep spending your time in your business, when you could be spending your time growing your business. 

Partner up with Soul Aligned Services to audit your current systems and put together the pieces of an appropriate system to managing your clients. If you’re ready to implement your own client management system, then we can get it implemented in no time, including appropriate branding and necessary automations. 

Self-Paced Course

My Aligned Business

Are you a heart-centered business owner that feels disconnected to your own business or purpose? Maybe you feel insecure in your marketing methods because what appears to work for others doesn’t work for you? If you answered yes to these questions, I invite you to imagine a fully aligned business that not only serves others, it serves YOU with ease and connection.

My Aligned Business is a self-paced course that allows you to dive deeper into your unique design using Gene Keys. Develop a personalized roadmap that includes your branding message, your ideal business environment, and a focus on creating real prosperity while being true to yourself.


What People Are Saying

I gained so many amazing insights about myself and my business with this program (My Aligned Business). In many ways these were not new but powerful affirmations and permission to simply go with what intuitively feels right to me, not what others direct. Digging into my brand and culture through just a little bit of the Gene Keys brought me so much alignment that I can now always reference and check in with. I’m ready to more fully share my light into the world through my life’s work.

Jessie Carr

The Linger Movement

Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed and my perspective feels cloudy, I know to reach out to Stefanie. She quickly and effectively identifies what’s blocking my view and asks great questions to help me find a creative solution to my plight. I really appreciate her mentoring as I consistently feel more grounded and clear after having spoken with her. She reminds me of truth and the wisdom that lies within my own soul. She has a remarkable gift as a lighthouse leader. She shines through her example of gracious living and connective parenting style. She has planted seeds for many years inside me and I am realizing the fruits of her wise words as good things continue to materialize for me and my family. I will forever be thankful for her role in my life.

Kim Foster