Knowing your Not Self Theme -a simple Human Design tool to know when you are out of alignment

In my last blog post, I explored the concept of the “zone of genius” and how it relates to productivity and happiness at work. I touched on how to mindfully go about discovering your zone, and how noticing your emotional triggers to various parts of your job can lead you there. These “triggers” are known in Human Design as the “Not-Self” and can be effective feelings when it comes to making sure you stay in your zone. 

Everyone has a Not-Self depending on their design type. Here’s how to learn about yours, why it matters, and how to build a relationship with it. 

What is the Not Self?

According to Jovian Archive Not-Self is a term that is used to describe the part of us that the mind falsely identifies as “me’, as who I am.” 

It is often incorrectly used. Jovian Archive continues: “Some have misinterpreted this term as being a bad thing. They might say, “oh that’s your not-self” or “oh that’s my not-self”, meaning she/he or I was doing something bad or wrong. When we take the morality out of the term, however, it simply states a fact: “that is not me” or “that is not you”.

Sound complicated? Let’s simplify things a bit! In other words, your Not-Self is the emotions that arise to alert you that you have stepped out of your zone and that it is time to adjust and regroup. Some may come to learn about their signals intuitively over time, but the good news is that each Human Design type has a specific Not-Self. Discovering this unique zone has been powerful in my business and in the lives of my clients and often leads to greater work satisfaction.

Human Design Types and the Not Self

Though it might sound complicated at first, you may be surprised how simple it is. Here are each of the Not-Self zones for each Design type:

  • Generator: Frustration
  • Projector: Bitterness
  • Manifestor: Anger
  • Reflector: Disappointment
  • Manifesting Generator: Frustration + Anger

Want to discover your type and Not-Self?

First, enter your birth information at jovianarchive.comThen find your unique Not Self theme here.

Knowing your Not Self leads to great productivity and work satisfaction 

Staying in alignment is crucial to productivity. Consider the Not-Self for the Manifestor; anger. How easy is it for some people to get thrown off course when anger takes over? Our Not-Self emotion will be the first signal that we are stepping off course in our work. The better we are at recognizing it, the more we will stay in flow. We will also quickly learn what it is that triggers these emotions and more effectively delegate. 

You may also notice that your relationships in and out of work improve, as you operate from a place of flow rather than responding to unproductive emotions.

Getting to know your Not Self

If you enjoy self-exploration, the next couple of weeks of getting to know this “shadow” side could be a lot of fun. And even if you don’t, when attention is given to emotional signals, we come out more informed, more prepared to deal with stress, and plain old happier. 

To build a relationship with your Not-Self, spend two weeks being as mindful as possible as you go about your daily tasks. Emotions come and go during every 24-hour period, but it is when we stop to reflect on them that we learn about ourselves. For two weeks, make a note of: 

  • The things you find yourself dreading before they even happen
  • The things you put off about people
  • The things you move to the top of your list just because you know you’ll enjoy them more than the others
  • Are there any situations with your team or customers that trigger anger, frustration, bitterness, or disappointment? 
  • What annoys you during the day, big and small? 
  • What do you find yourself venting about to others or needing to “get off your chest?”

Remember, good or bad, what we focus on grows. After spending 14 days recognizing and accepting these parts of your unique self you will begin to develop a relationship with your Not-Self and enjoy being in alignment more of the time.

I invite you to schedule a Human Design/Gene Key Session where I got over your specific chart and talk more about your Not-Self theme as well as other specific traits and information that is specific to your personal design.